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  • your logo and brand colours
  • plastic-free*
  • recyclable
  • compostable

*CUPkind cups are made from FSC®-certified, responsibly sourced virgin paperboard, which is certified plastic-free, certified recyclable and certified as suitable for home and industrial composting.

Plastic free custom branded hot drink paper cups

Put your brand in consumers' hands

Bespoke designs. Colour matching. The works. Consider our range of cups (and other materials!) an exciting blank canvas for bringing your sustainable branding to life.  

Wear your heart on your cup

Choosing CUPkind speaks volumes about your business. It tells people that you’re looking beyond the bottom line and working to create a greener future for you, for them, for all. In short, it shows you care. 
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Certified plastic-free, compostable, recyclable, and responsibly sourced sustainable packaging* with your name on it.

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