CUPkind's leak-proof, plastic-free paper cups*

Everyone wants a plastic-free future, right? Say hello to our recyclable range of certified plastic-free and compostable* alternatives to single-use plastics and lined products. Join the KIND Revolution and let’s make that future a reality.

*CUPkind cups are made from FSC®-certified, responsibly sourced virgin paperboard, which is certified plastic-free, certified recyclable and certified as suitable for home and industrial composting.

Aqueous Barrier Coating - an innovative solution

Cups lined with plastic? Yuck, no thanks. We steer clear of PLA and PE-lined products. Instead, we use a clever water-based aqueous barrier coating that’s leak-proof and kind to our planet. It breaks down harmlessly with no specialist treatments required. That’s what makes our cups recyclable and less likely to end up floating in the ocean!

FSC®-certified paperboard

Our virgin paperboard is sustainably sourced from FSC®-certified responsibly managed forests.

High-quality materials

We only source ethical and sustainable materials with zero compromise on quality.

Expert innovation

We have applied some clever aqueous barrier coating technology.

CUPkind's plastic free aqueous barrier cups for paper cups

Certified compostable*

Fit for home and industrial composting.

Certified plastic-free*

Our paper cups are made with virgin paperboard that is certified plastic-free.


Because our cups are made from certified plastic-free virgin paperboard that contains no PE/PLA liners, they are recyclable.

No liner needed

No plastic liners in our cups!

CUPkind hot cups

From smooth flat whites to frothy hot chocolates, keep in the heat with a choice of four different-sized, sustainable disposable cups for hot drinks.

Perfect for: Coffee Shops, Forecourts, Fast Food

Single or Double Wall






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CUPkind plastic free hot drink paper cup

CUPkind cold cups

Stylish, strong and plastic-free*, our CUPkind cold cups are recyclable.

Perfect for: Festivals, Events, Fast Food





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CUPkind plastic free cold drink paper cup

CUPkind water cups

The humble water cup, but better. We’ve created a high-quality, responsibly sourced and recyclable paper water cup for all kinds of environments.  

Perfect for: Office, Fast Food, Coffee Shop

Single Wall



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CUPkind plastic free water paper cup

CUPkind vending cups

Suitable for both hot and cold drinks, CUPkind vending cups are designed and tested to work with the latest automated vending technology.

Perfect for: Caterers, Vending, Office

Single Wall




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CUPkind plastic free vending paper cup

CUPkind pint/half pint cups - Coming Soon!

Festival-friendly and event-ready!These cups will come in two UKCA-certified sizes (pint and half-pint). Fully customisable for eye-catching brand awareness, using sustainable materials for that added feel-good factor.

Perfect for: Pubs, Events, Caterers, Festivals, Travel Hubs, Forecourts, Fast Food




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CUPkind plastic free event pint paper cup

BYOB (bring your own brand)

We provide the product, you bring the brand. Let’s work together to make CUPkind’s range into YOURkind of eye-catching cups. Every one of our products is fully customisable with an easy design process and swift turnaround.

We don’t just stop at the cup. Ask about our CUP Afterlife recycling bin solutions to help your business achieve a circular economy.