A hot drink plastic free paper cup from CUPkind

A new kind of paper cup

We believe in a world where quality and responsibility go hand in hand. That's why we're proud to introduce our new line of certified recyclable, plastic-free and compostable cups.* Made using paperboard (FSC®-certified of course) sourced from sustainable forests, a clever barrier coating technology and some innovative thinking, these little cups contain a world of exciting potential.

*CUPkind cups are made from FSC®-certified, responsibly sourced virgin paperboard, which is certified plastic-free, certified recyclable and certified as suitable for home and industrial composting.

One small change, a world of difference

It’s time to make the switch from plastic-lined paper cups. Our innovative, industry-leading technology means that our simple, yet effective, fuss-free cups have all the functionality you want, levelled up into one sustainable, planet-friendly package.


No plastic (PE/PLA)liners here. We make our cups with virgin FSC®-certified plastic-free paperboard which can be recycled up to 7 times and used in recycled products.


Our compostable cups are suitable for home and industrial composting.

High-quality & safe

Leak-proof and crack-proof. Industry experts have put our products through rigorous independent testing to ensure they meet globally recognised quality standards and food safety compliance.

Certified plastic-free*

Our line of products is made using responsibly sourced FSC®-certified virgin paperboard and aqueous coating technology. That’s it! Completely PE (petrol plastic) and PLA (bioplastic) free.


Our virgin paperboard is sustainably sourced from FSC®-certified responsibly managed forests.

Kind to our planet

Using recyclable and compostable materials*, we’re diverting single-use paper cups from landfill and ocean littering, closing the loop to create sustainability across the entire global supply chain.

Brands who already trust CUPkind

CUPkind's range of plastic-free paper cups

Whatever the beverage, our versatile and affordable range of cups have you covered to cater for any occasion. From double-walled disposable cups for hot drinks, to vending cups, each item is made from high-quality, sustainable materials that won’t leak or crack. Take a  look at our recyclable range.

CUPkind vs. traditional vending cups

Plastic Free Product

Plastic Free Product

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Polylactic acid liner
PE lined
Plastic polythelyne liner
Expanded Polystyrene

Certified Recyclable

Suitable for Industrial Composting

Suitable for
Home Composting

Certified Materials

FSC certified productRecyclable product
Product suitable for compostingFood Safe product

Get your sustainable cups

Support the planet, your customers and your business with our certified plastic-free, recyclable and compostable cups.*

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