Refuse plastic at every turn.

Modernise, make the change. Educate and incentivise your customers to embrace the KIND Revolution in offering them a true plastic-free alternative.


Use reusable packaging wherever possible.

When circumstances call for disposables, make sure they’re sustainable.



Embrace innovation and existing technology.
Let's invest and implement!


Be a change maker, starting today.

Making small-scale switches may seem insignificant but they can add up to some big changes! Adopt CUPkind as a first step towards sustainable living.


Changing the world, one cup at a time

Join the KIND Revolution and play your part to reduce single-use plastics, landfill, and ocean litter. 

What's the problem?

UK businesses and consumers get through 3.2 billion disposable cups every year. Just under 2 billion of these won’t reach recycling bins.1

But further research suggests that the UK may already use as many as 5 billion coffee cups per year, and less than 1 in 25 are recycled.2

Despite best intentions, 71% of those who own a reusable cup have been known to forget to take it out with them.3

Over 90% of today’s cups still either end up in landfill, littering the streets or floating in our oceans.

Why? Most single-use cups are manufactured with plastic or bioplastic liners, making them difficult to recycle, even though their labels say otherwise.    


Traditional vending cups

Inner Cup Liner

Traditional disposable cups for hot drinks have an inner liner to prevent leaks.

PE/PLA liner

Inner liners are usually made from PE (plastic) or PLA (bioplastic).

Hard to recycle

Due to having a liner, a specialist recycling process is required. There’s only one papermill in the UK which is set up to receive lined cups to be recycled. 

Costly collection process

Traditional disposable cups for hot drinks have an inner liner to prevent leaks.

A new kind of cup

CUPkind single-use cups are making bold changes for the better. 

FSC®-certified paperboard

Made from FSC®-certified responsibly sourced virgin paperboard, suitable for recycling.

High-quality materials

We only source ethical and sustainable materials with zero compromise on quality.

Expert innovation

We have applied some clever aqueous barrier coating technology.

CUPkind's plastic free aqueous barrier cups for paper cups

Certified compostable*

Suitable for both at-home and industrial composting.

Certified plastic-free*

Our paper cups are made with virgin paperboard that is certified plastic-free.


Because our cups are made from certified plastic-free virgin paperboard that contains no PE/PLA liners, they are recyclable.

No liner needed

No PE or PLA liner! Just our leak-proof, aqueous barrier coating technology.

Beyond the cup

We started with the cup, but our mission goes way beyond.  We’re actively involved in lobbying the government and the recycling industry to come together, invest in the correct systems and build better legislation for all. No exaggerated claims, no greenwashing, no preaching, just a true passion for change.

Our cups are just the beginning! 

Sustainable packaging
with confidence

Switch to CUPkind and bring your sustainability commitments to life with a plastic-free, compostable and recyclable range.* 

Give your customers reassurance in your business with the CUPkind stamp of approval!

You’ll be serving more than drinks. With our sustainable range, you’re helping to save the planet, one cup at a time!

Help create a circular economy to live sustainably today, without taking from tomorrow.

Get your sustainable cups

Support the planet, your customers and your business with our certified plastic-free, recyclable and compostable cups.*

Let's do this